In an effort to give our audience more information, we created some videos. One about our Master of Marketing Analysis, and another about our research. We provide the videos in three formats: streaming video (quicktime), quicktime download & Windows Media file download format.

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Here's a taxonomy of our video's:

Predictive Analytics

We recorded several video's about our activities in predictive analytics for marketing, also known as analytical customer relationship management.

2010 was a very productive year. Griet Verhaert finalized her PhD research about fundraising. This video represents a summary of the four different studies that make up her PhD, two of which have been accepted for publication in the Journal of Interactive Marketing, and the Journal of Business Research.

Moreover, Philippe Baecke's study on using Russell Belk's (1975) situational variables for predictive analytics has been published in the International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making.

In 2008, we recorded a video about our research on spending pleasure, a composite measure combining behavioral as well as attitudinal characteristics of prospects/customers.


Originating from our excellent contacts with the late Professor Leo Breiman, Anita Prinzie applied the principles of Random Forests to several classification techniques. We labeled this technique Random MultiNomial Logit (RMNL)


Since 1999, the Department of Marketing at Ghent University offers the Master of Marketing Analysis specializing in predictive analytics. An information video is available showing the highlights of this 8-month training. Moreover, our excellent contacts at DunnHumby have resulted in a video on the importance of analytics.